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Welcome to the website of the professional child-minder and small scale childcare service “De Banjo (B)engeltjes”.

What is “De Banjo (B)engeltjes” ?

De Banjo (B)engeltjes is a small scale childcare service run by a formal and professional child-minder, Editha Visscher.

What does the name Banjo (B)engeltjes mean?child-minder for an Angel or Rascal? child-minder service, De Banjo (B)engeltjes
The first part of the name comes from the street where I started the childcare service : Banjohof. The streets in this area are named after musical instruments or famous composers.

The second part of the name can be interpreted in ways: engeltjes – little angels, or as bengeltjes – little rascals, since we all know children can be either (or even both!) once in a while, or all the time, I thought it would be a fitting name for the childcare service.

About the child-minder, Editha

child-minder Editha from de Banjo (B)engeltjes, small scale childcare in Barendrecht

My name is Editha Visscher and I am what one would call a “Gastouder” (literal translation : host parent), a child-minder. I have been child minding since 2000. At the end of 2013 I decided to formalise, professionalize, and expand the child-minding to a small childcare service from my own home, which had started on 1st January,  2014.

Laws and regulations

As a professional child-minder one should be enrolled in the National Register Childcare and preschools (Landelijk register kinderopvang en peuterspeelzalen) and comply with all  governmental legistlative requirements, including the following :

the child-minder must :

the childcare location (child-minders home) must :child-minder Barendrecht: We all play together and learn to share at childcare de Banjo Bengeltjes

All these requirements are checked and tested  by the local Public Health Service (GGD).  The affiliated official child minding agency will make a Risk Assessment concerning health and safety, based on a standardised checklist and protocols. This will also be tested on a regular and recurring basis.

Education and Certification

Due to my compliance with all legislation guidelines, you as parent will qualify for childcare benefits/allowance as  regulated by the Dutch government and Tax Revenue Service (Belastingdienst).

Are you looking for a childcare facility ?

As a working parent you are probably looking for suitable childcare facilities. Maybe regular daycare is not appropriate or flexible enough for your liking, or you do not want to inflict the child’s grandparents or other family members. De Banjo (B)engeltjes might be the childcare you are looking for!

What does de Banjo (B)engeltjes offer you ?

Flexible childcare

Small scale childcare at de Banjo (B)engeltjes is flexible. On one or more working days, at  fixed or varying times between 06:45 AM and 6 PM, it does not matter. We can work something out and we will make clear agreements.

Customised / tailor made childcare

As a formal child minder, I have more opportunities to accommodate your child then regular childcare like daycare can. I am flexible enough to take into account your work schedule, needs and expectations you may have as a parent, while daycare and nurseries cannot.

Small scale childcare

The care for your child takes place in a homelike atmosphere and cozy setting, with a maximum of 4 or 5 children per day. This allows your child the rest, regularity and attention it deserves.

De Banjo (B)engeltjes in brief:


Because the children get all the time and attention they deserve during opening hours, it is not always possible for me to respond directly to your email or phone call. For questions and other inquiries please use the contact form below. I will try to respond by phone or email as soon as possible.

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phone : 06 – 24 72 65 29 (also WhatsApp and Textmessage / SMS)

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